Business Club Kyiv-Vienna

August 21, 2000-the year in Kiev, the Ukrainian-registered Austrian Business Club Kyiv - Vienna-. The idea of ​​Business Club supported by Austrian President Thomas Klestylem during his visit to Ukraine in May 2000.

Operation of Business Club is under the auspices of the Institute of Development Assistance Chamber of Economy of Austria (Vienna) and the International Institute of Market Relations and Entrepreneurship - Center-Market-which is the basic educational establishments of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The goal of the Business Club "Kyiv - Vienna:

Opportunity for professional communication, information exchange, business cooperation and mutual support between Ukrainian experts and leaders who cooperate with Austrian companies, or studied and trained in the Austrian programs.

Source of information and marketing potential for Austrian companies and organizations operating in Ukraine or only intend to work in Ukraine.

Ability Awareness Club Members with the news in the fields of social, economic, political and cultural life of Ukraine and Austria.


Prestigious seminars on topical issues with speakers from Austria.

Attraction to participate in programs of visits to Ukraine high-level officials from Austria.

Participation in organization of consultations, conferences and other events on economic, legal, public and international cooperation.

Promote the organization and participation in exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, seminars and other activities aimed at establishing economic and cultural ties between Ukraine and Austria.

Open Business Club Web page on the Internet with access to electronic discussion groups and databases on members of the Business Club.

Cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other clubs with international and national funds of other countries.

Membership of the Business Club is open to all Ukrainian enterprises, Austrian companies and organizations, the Ukrainian-Austrian joint enterprise.

Member Business Club also be groups and companies and individuals interested in promoting and deepening of Ukrainian-Austrian economic cooperation.

Chlenskyy contribution to:

Natural persons is 5 USD. per month;

Legal persons - 50 USD. per month.

Contributions can be paid annually or monthly.