The students instyrutu: library, language laboratories, computer classes, Internet cafe dining.
There are studio theater, sports clubs.

International Programs

August 21, 2000 under the auspices of the Institute for Promotion of Economic Chamber of Austria (Vienna) at the Institute of Ukrainian-Austrian Business Club Kyiv-Vienna.
The purpose of the Business Club are:
· Provide opportunities for professional communication and commercial cooperation between Ukrainian experts and leaders who cooperate with Austrian companies;
· Of prestigious seminars on current issues with experts from Austria, consultations, conferences and exhibitions.
Membership of the Business Club is open to all Ukrainian and Austrian companies and organizations, the Ukrainian-Austrian joint venture

In 2001 began the activity of the Ukrainian-German academic Bank for a joint project of the Academy of Bonn. You have the opportunity to practice and study of the use of advanced banking technology students and students of the Institute of lyceums and gymnasiums.

Preparatory Department

International Institute of Market Relations and Entrepreneurship Center Market "

The leader of training the new formation Laureate rating Golden Fortune 2000
Basic school
Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

8.050104 Finance (4000 USD)
8.050105 Banking (4000 USD)
6.050100 MARKETING (3500 USD)
6.050100 economy enterprises ╙ Mstva
6.050101 LAW (5000 USD)
8.050206 ╞ International Management Activities (4800 USD)

Learning full-time

Duration of the course 5 years, 5,5 years

For medalists discounts for education from 10%.

For a significant contribution to training for a market economy one of the first institute in Ukraine was marked by the President, and Professor of the six were given the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine" and "Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine;

For special achievements in the Institute of International Education was awarded the International Medal Predvydenye "Biographic Institute (North Carolina);

The Institute provides in-depth study of the theory of market economy, modern foreign languages ​​and computers ▓ computer technologies, practical training of future specialists provided the first in Kiev, a training bank "Ukraine-Germany"

For entering the institute should be submitted by 15 July following documents:

The application addressed to the Rector of the Institute
Certificate of Secondary Education
6 photos 3x4
medical certificate f.0-86th

ADMISSION TO UNDER universities, enrollment is conducted on the entrance examinations, FOR APPOINTMENT medalists √

the economic profession

1. Mathematics (writing)
2. Ukrainian language (dictation)

* English (testing) √ only for the specialty of International Management "

on Law

1. History of Ukraine (orally)
2. Law (orally)
3. Ukrainian language (dictation)

For excellent students a flexible system of discounts for payment (10%), internship

e-mail: mirop@icmre.kiev.ua

Computer Centre

Department of HEC was established in 1994 and until 2001 was called the Department of computer science and computer technology. Head of the department since 1996, acting Professor, Ph.D. Ivanov VN department trains bachelors.

In 2001 the first group was recruited students for a degree of economic cybernetics. The department trains qualified specialists who may be involved in business and organizational-administrative and economic activities in the goods and services, experts and consultants to work on economic-mathematical modeling and forecasting.

Students learn fundamental economic discipline (economic theory, micro-and macroeconomics, management, marketing, monetary theory, finance theory, the theory of credit, finance, financial management, accounting theory, accounting firms, the history of economic training, insurance, investment) mathematical disciplines (mathematical analysis, algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, mathematical methods of operations research, game theory, queuing theory, graphs and networks) and economic-mathematical discipline cycle (econometrics, forecasting methods, financial mathematics, economic dynamics, economic theory risk decision-making methods, techniques sample surveys, the methodology of economic and mathematical modeling, investment portfolio management, time series and dynamic models). Excellent modern computer technology in the economy is achieved by teaching courses such as programming, systems of economic information processing, database, simulation, expert systems, and work habits with packages Excel, Access, etc.

Courses search for Faculty:

1. Information and computer technology.
2. Fundamentals of information systems.
3. Computing and Information Technology.
4. Information systems and technology in banks.
5. Information systems and technology in the financial and credit organizations.
6. Information systems and technology in international business.
7. Information systems management staff.
8. E-commerce.
9. Decision support system.
10. Economic Cybernetics.
11. Software and shell packages.
12. Financial Informatics.
13. Specialized programming languages.
14. Designing economic databases.
15. Privacy Notice.
16. Computer Networks
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